My Travel Bucket List

  • Since today is my birthday, I decided to make a travel wish list. These are the places that I not only wish to visit, but I have a full intention on buying a plane ticket to. I would love to go anywhere in the world, but these are next on my list!


  •        Glasgow, Scotland
  •        Berlin, Germany
  •       Dublin, Ireland
  •       Cork, Ireland
  •       Cologne, Germany
  •       Venice, Italy
  •       Pisa, Italy
  •    Care Town, South Africa
  •        Sydney, Australia
  •        Belize
  •        Grand Canyon, USA
  •        Seatle, WA, USA
  •        Yosemite National Park
  •        Yellow Stone National Park
  •        Vancouver, Canada
  •        Budapest, Hungary
  •        Brussels, Belgium
  •        Amsterdam, Netherlands
  •        Athens, Greece
  •        Santorini, Greece
  •        New Zealand

Let me know if you have any suggestions to add!







12 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. Happy Birthday! If I could afford it I’d go to each and every one of these places. I’m from Glasgow though so I guess that one comes free haha. Feel free to check out some of my blog posts on some of the places I’ve been. Anyway, great blog! X


  2. I definitely recommend Seattle! Go to Mount Rainier and Leavenworth. Leavenworth is like a little winter wonderland with fun shops!
    Also, Ireland… yes!! I have always wanted to go there.


  3. Happy Birthday! This is a great list! I loved Yosemite when I visited – it’s so beautiful! I would also suggest checking out some of the scenery if you go to Ireland – it’s really stunning (though I may be biased since I’m from there!) 🙂


  4. New to your blog. Happy very belated birthday lol. This is a fantastic list. I’ve been to many of these places and I love them. A couple of suggestions… Pisa is great, but it doesn’t take long to see. You could probably see everything you really want to see in a day, so I would suggest adding Cinque Terra to your Italy list. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. Cinque Terra is stunning.
    Also, Ireland is amazing. When you go, you have to check out Newgrange. It’s older than Stonehenge. Also, don’t forget about Northern Ireland. Belfast is incredible and has a unique history. Northern Ireland’s coastal road that takes you to the giant’s causeway is considered one of the top 5 most beautiful roads in the world.
    I loved Scotland. Glasgow was awesome. When you’re walking through the city make sure to look up. The older architecture is higher on the buildings and it’s pretty cool.
    This list is really great. I look forward to reading your experiences as you explore these locations.

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  5. Happy birthday!! 😃👏 I’ve not been to many of those places myself but I was born in Venice and I definitely suggest to pay it a visit.. Then, since you’ve mentioned two places in Ireland, where I’m currently living, I’d suggest you to consider renting a car and drive along the Wild Atlantic Way, some of the most breathtaking Irish scenery are right there, far from the most touristic routes! 😃
    Enjoy your birthday cake now!

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